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Royal adds value to your real estate acreage.

We are well experienced in land/acreage sales, development and municipal permitting, representing many large developments in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The market for improvements to real estate generally determines the land’s current value. Real estate markets amplify shifts in economic conditions locally and nationwide. Shifts in economic activity can drive values up or down. Development costs, state and municipal requirements are an influential component.

The sale of municipally approved acreage is often a 9 to 14 month journey. Developing the infrastructure and building the appropriate improvements will add many more months to the process. Royal’s President, Tina Habeeb, clarifies this process for land owners and provides detailed reports for your land by exploring the following options:

  • Defining the present value in its’ existing condition.
  • Defining the value as a residential or industrial subdivision with municipal, state and federal approvals.
  • Outlining alternative considerations
  • Reviewing the legal structure and financial considerations of your sale transaction.

Please call Tina Habeeb, Pres. today at 978.618.3707 for a complimentary initial consultation regarding your real estate acreage.