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Over the years, Royal has been privileged to be the responsible agency for many diverse properties and developments. It is mainly because we understand that the functions of real estate are indeed a process. Requiring time, knowledge, patience…and hard work. That’s why, before we list any property, we take the time to do our homework, analyze the market and its complexities, then seek every advantage and opportunity available for our clients.

RESIDENTIAL SALES: People tend to want things to happen quickly and often tend to believe that faster is better. Our approach is different, because it’s not who lists your property quickest, it’s who manages the entire process more diligently. Today, the critical part of your sale, will not be in the marketing, but once a contract is received, who can negotiate & navigate the numerous details more thoroughly to move to a final sale, acceptable to all parties. Our experience gives us more tools with answers for unanticipated issues.

NEW HOMES: As a buyer, you will learn that there are many details and decisions to be made when purchasing a new home. You will need patience, energy and understanding to navigate the floor plans, selection process & construction decisions. We have this experience and we’re here to help you.

LAND: Land sales are a Royal priority. What are your options? Is it time to sell? Thinking about dividing your assets? The U.S. has approximately 3.79 million square miles of land. If you are a land owner, it’s time to explore your next opportunity. Your first meeting is complimentary. Royal is an essential part of your future land sale success. We work with your legal counsel and financial advisors to position you for the most favorable outcome, as a seller. Whether your land is improved with structures or simply open fields or wooded groves, we are knowledgeable and prepared to support your goals.

MUNICIPAL PERMIT PROCESS: Royal’s experience with land sales brings a natural progression to the municipal permit process experience. We have never been party to a municipal permit project that was denied. We are well experienced in the development & marketing, of both residential & industrial sites.

INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES: Royal has marketed and managed sales for many industrial buildings and commercial/industrial condominium complexes in Massachusetts’ Essex, Middlesex Counties and Southern New Hampshire. We have given support and guidance through site selection, feasibility studies and municipal permit process on many occasions.